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We have excellent division of labor: your only concern is making cool games while we do the rest of the job. We will distribute your product worldwide. You will be surprised to learn how many people appreciate your games.

  • We aim
    at collecting
    a fair diversity of HTML5 games
  • Up to 6M
    gamers visit us
    each month
  • Your games pay
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  • Opportunity
    to target
    multilingual and multicultural
  • We translate your games if required
1. Instant Profit - Once your games are part of our service they work for you and you get paid.
2. Run Worldwide - Our service is not limited by any borders. Your games will be played everywhere.
3. Clear Statistics - You will have unlimited access to our powerful statistic resources. Nothing will be lost.
4. Multiplatform Solution - HTML5 is compatible with all modern mobile devices and desktops.
5. Use the Potential - the market of mobile games is constantly growing. Become part of it with our help.

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Fill your website with great content.
Do you want your visitors to return to your website?
We can help you to fill your website with excellent HTML5 games.
Choose any games you would like to have on your website and
earn additional revenue.

Easy to operate. Our service provides instant access
to hundreds of excellent HTML5 games.
They all are verified and have thumbnails,
descriptions, screenshots,
ratings and tags.

  • 200 + best HTML5
    games to play
  • 6M
    users each month approximately
  • High
    monetization and
    revenue growth
  • We have users
    from all around
    the world
  • We are
1. Quality - We provide you with only high-quality games. We check each game for playability.
2. Users Attach - People will return to play more. Our games feature highscore tables and achievements.
3. Clear Statistics - You will have undivmited access to our powerful statistic resources. Nothing will be lost.
4. Out of Labels - HTML5 games can be played on any device. We are out of commercial labels competition.
5. Flexible Targeting - You can choose the market of mobile games which is constantly growing. Become a part of it with our help.

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BoomeranGO, Inc. 901 N. Pitt str. Suite 325 Alexandria, VA 22314, USA

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